Thermal Imaging Picture Gallery

Building Performance

The picture above shows an area of heat infiltration at the lower left corner of a window. This pictures was taken during a summer month.

Example 2 was taken during winter months and depicts an area of inadequate insulation within a ceiling cavity. The surface temperature had dropped below the dew point temperature which allowed condensation to form.

The picture above was taken during the summer and illustrates an area of heat infiltration through a crack in an exterior wall.

The IR picture above was taken during the winter months and shows are area of heat exfiltration caused by an air gap between the elevated enclosed bridge and the exterior brick.

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The overloaded breakers pictured above were found during a routine maintenance inspection. Early identification potentially prevented an electrical fire.

A temperature difference of greater than 100°F was found on the fuse pictured above, which was determined to be an immediate fire hazard. The excess heat was caused by resistance due to a poor connection, which simply needed to be tightened.

A poor electric connection caused resistance which generated enough heat to cause the outlet cover plate to reach 105°F. All other covers were consistent with the temperature of the walls.

The heat generated by the B Phase and C Phase fuse disconnect switches was due to a strong imbalance caused by a blown fuse. Scheduled maintenance to check the fuses and load balance was recommended.

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Moisture Intrusion

The picture above shows a water damaged ceiling caused by a flat roof leak. With the naked eye, no water damage could be seen. The building was inspected after an occupant voiced complainants of poor indoor air quality (IAQ). The source of the IAQ problem was found to be extensive mold growth behind the water damaged drywall.

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Water Damage

The picture above was taken in a home that sustained water damage while having the roof repaired. The thermal imaging picture depicts puddles of water on a kitchen ceiling.

Areas of hidden elevated moisture were found behind vinyl baseboard. The picture above was taken for documentation after the baseboard was removed to dry the area.

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