indoor air quality assessments

Indoor Air Quality Assessment Applications:

Having the indoor air quality of your home or business tested can mean many different things.  There is not a single test that evaluates all aspect of air quality; however, IAQ Diagnostics will provide a sampling plan that fits your needs.  Below are a few examples of why indoor air quality testing is requested:

  • Investigate possible sources for employee complaints
  • Help identify potential health and safety issues
  • Monitor airborne particulates during construction and renovations
  • Identify the cause or source of mold growth
  • Monitor allergens, airborne asbestos, VOCs, bacteria, etc.

Some indoor air quality issues have complex causes, while others can be prevented by taking a few precautions:  

  • Schedule regular preventative maintenance for all heating, ventilation & air conditioning systems
  • Deal promptly with sources of unwanted moisture like plumbing leaks, roof issues, etc.
  • Maintain indoor humidity levels between 30% - 60% 
  • Prohibit delivery trucks, especially diesel trucks, from idling at delivery docks
  • Restrict smoking to designated smoking areas with their own ventilation systems
  • Notify tenant(s) before renovation activities that may cause odors and/or dust
  • Store and use all chemicals as specified by manufacturers' instructions
  • Require janitorial services to use non-toxic products as much as possible